How it works -

As easy as booking a hotel room

Appear Here is the premier platform worldwide for renting short term retail space.

As part of a brand refresh, I helped re-design how it works pages to guide possible tenants and landlords on how it works.

Different international audiences

Tenants are attracted to the concept of joining a community. As the company expands to become international, I wanted to align product innovation with the storyline of their idea's journey, in a way that visually communicates - even if they didn't read a word.


Alongside designing the screens, I put each component into Zeplin for the developers seperately. So we have one golden source to build from, and nothing is left undesigned/considered. Sometimes, if you just think


I use mind node to gather research into plottable action points for a design or a discussion. It means we can trace things back to the source in a visual, easy way.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted & obfuscated confidential information in this case study. The information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of the companies or other individuals involved.