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Designing a system for exploring location on the premier platform for booking retail space.

They needed a design solution to elevate their city guides above those of competitors. In an ambitious start-up you can't take the brief as the end goal of your work. You should always try to look beyond it, and towards other problems your bosses might not even be talking about that you could solve at the same time.

Content first.

Thoughts & feelings.

Templates & components.

Exploring cities

I split the screen to give the locations a strong visual while delivering content. It also helps visualise the journey of one neighbourhood to the next.


I went with a dark interface for a few reasons, but chief among them (does anyone say that in real life) was gigs tend to happen at night and I wanted the experience to help users feel that sense of night.


When looking for investment its good to think of features that might be the difference maker for possible users. I thought a share feature would help increase users, as going to gigs is really a social activity.

Part of the design involved selecting imagery from freelance photographers, to help tell the story of each location.

Designing games from scratch means defining logic and laws, algorythyms and animations.

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